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A Kind of Silence

A Kind of Silence

Released November 2012

A Kind of Silence
Make Up Your Mind
No Refrain

All track ASCAP.  Copyright Aron Van Alstine Music 2012.

with Greg Weiser (drums), Dave Anter (bass), Rory Stalwick (mix engineer), and Tony Humecke (mastering engineer)

Still Life

Still Life

Released November 2011

Do What Dreams Come True
Go There With You
Still Life
We're Here Now

All tracks ASCAP, Copyright 2011 Aron Van Alstine Music

The Guildsmen: Dave Anter (bass), Tommy Johnson (drums), David Gorospe (organ)

Aron Van Alstine (guitars and vocals)

Recorded at Yello Studios in Ventura CA for Pure Fun Records (PF108)

Produced by Aron Van Alstine.  Engineered by Rory Anton, Tony Humecke, and Aron Van Alstine.  Mastered by Tony Humecke

CD design by Leslie Cabarga.  Illustrations by Tina Mae Chillingworth

Thanks to Tom Lennon for the great Hammond sounds.

Here Comes a Train

Here Comes a Train

Released September 2010

Get Over Your Self
Here Comes a Train
I Can Say Goodbye
It Still Hurts
Since We Met
Sisar Creek
Southern California Blues
Too Many Love Songs
Trees (Grow in the Ground)
Up in the Air

Recorded at Yello Studios, Ventura CA

Pure Fun Records, PF106

Engineered by Rory Anton, Aron Van Alstine, and Tony Humecke

Produced by Aron Van Alstine

Mastered by Tony Humecke



Bass, guitars, piano, mandolin, vocals by Aron Van Alstine except as noted.

Organs by David Gorospe

Here Comes a Train & I Can Say Goodbye: Dave Anter (bass), Tommy Johnson (drums)

Trees: Lee Rollag (fiddle), Rory Anton (mandolin)

Too Many Love Songs: Brian Granillo (drums), Rory Anton (lead guitar, harmonica)

Sisar Creek: Greg Weiser (drums)

Get Over Your Self: Greg Weiser (drums), Jose Valdez(congas)

Since We Met: Tony Humecke (drums)

Daydream: Antoine (drums)