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Keeping Busy: a new song in 2018

Keeping Busy

When Prince died it was like an atom bomb.  But instead of a mushroom cloud it was a rainbow.  And instead of radiation there was pixie dust.  All you had to do was reach out and there was songs in the air. So I grabbed one. And I was holding onto it for a while.  Waiting […]

Animals Heads and Stiff Drinks

Yep.  Ojai people.  You guessed it.  I’ll be at the Deer Lodge tomorrow night, 12/29/17.  I start at 9.  At 10 stick around for my good friends from Hubcap Stealers.  If you’re in the mood for alcohol, rock’n’roll, or taxidermy, it’s the place to be.

Tiny Desk Concert Contest


I just entered the Tiny Desk Concert via NPR and All Songs Considered.  “The Revenge of Rock’n’roll” is an acoustic preview of the title track from my forthcoming album. It’ll be out later this year.  Check out the new video below.   I’m not really one for contests, but I love All Songs Considered.  The […]


blown away

There’s a lot of things I love about music.  I like practicing, recording, mixing, arranging, and writing.  I love jamming.  I love playlists.  I love performing as a bandleader, I love playing bass in the back.  I love performing in bars and living rooms and garages and Christmas Tree lots.  I could go on. But […]

Best music discoveries of 2016

blown away

David Bowie, Prince, AND Leonard Cohen?!  And then there’s Trump.  Yes, it’s been a tough year on many cultural fronts.  That said, 2016 has had many redeeming moments, music-wise.  You’ll find my best music discoveries for 2016 on the following Spotify playlist. These songs were not necessarily written or recorded or released or promoted or […]

A new protest song for Election Day.

Cover art for the song, "Both Sides of the Fence" by Aron Van Alstine

My new protest song for Election Day is available now! “Both Sides of the Fence” is temporarily available as a free download via Noisetrade. Click the image above or click HERE to receive your free advanced copy. Lyrics You can’t take it any more. You’ve heard it all before. Another man with a microphone’s Got a […]

New Song for Election Day, 2016

Cover art for the song, "Both Sides of the Fence" by Aron Van Alstine

I’ve got a new song for Election Day. It’s called “Both Sides of the Fence.”  I’m releasing it exclusively by mailing list on Nov.8. Join the mailing list to receive a free download.   I love that line in “This Land is Your Land” by Woodie Guthrie.   As I went walking I saw a sign […]

Songs of the Civil Rights Movement – Rhonda Hamilton | WBGO Jazz 88.3FM

Source: Songs of the Civil Rights Movement – Rhonda Hamilton | WBGO Jazz 88.3FM Oscar Brown, Jr on Spotify.  Check out “Bid ’em in.”  It’s a slave auction song performed a cappella.

See A Rare Video For Bob Dylan’s ‘Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues’ : NPR


I remember finding my Dad’s Dylan records for the first time when I was like 4 or 5. Then I went through that phase in Junior High when I thought he was just terrible. It was that unfortunate hair-band phase. Then in college it seemed like everyone was rediscovering him again. I can remember walking […]

Halloween Playlist

Here is my personal Halloween playlist. Made in collaboration with the students of Oak Grove School.