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1999, the 99-cent download, and the 99%


In 1999 protestors in Seattle confronted the World Trade Organization and the popular model of globalization. In 2003 Apple introduced iTunes and the 99-cent download. In 2011 protestors in New York City confronted the financial industry on Wall Street. They called themselves the 99%. 1999, the 99-cent download, and the 99%. So what? Make Up […]

New Blog

Hello, everyone.  My blog is up and running.  You can look forward to more musings on music, business, and education here.  More on the way!

A Song for 7 Billion


There will soon be seven billion people on the planet. By 2045 global population is projected to reach nine billion. Can the planet take the strain? A Kind of Silence by Aron Van Alstine National Geographic.  Sheesh.  You’re there on the couch, perusing panoramas, skimming scientific discoveries, when BAM! They hit you with one of […]


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