When Prince died it was like an atom bomb.  But instead of a mushroom cloud it was a rainbow.  And instead of radiation there was pixie dust.  All you had to do was reach out and there was songs in the air. So I grabbed one.

And I was holding onto it for a while.  Waiting for the right band to come together in the right place for the right price. Calls were made.  Emails sent.

Meanwhile we got pregnant. The baby is on the way.  It’s my birthday.  I figured I’ll buy myself a special daddy present.  I got on craigslist and finally bought a midi controller for $100.  A midi controller is the thing that you use to play your computer like a piano.

I thought it was just a toy. But I got into it and upgraded my software and someone gifted me an interface.  Techno jumbo blah blah blah.

The baby arrives. Welcome Rory!  Now I get up at 4am everyday, and sometimes, once in a while, the baby goes back to sleep.  And I don’t have to get ready for work until 7.  And everyone else is asleep.  Hmmm.

So I started messing around with my new toy.  It was surprisingly satisfying.  I didn’t think I’d be able to do much at my desk.  But it wasn’t bad.  So I sent it off to The Godfather.  Not Marlon Brandow.  Tony. Tony is the man.  He’s been mentoring me on the recording process for the last 10 years.  He’s the one who gave me the interface.

And he got right back to me. He said, “That’s not bad.  Why don’t you try (this) and (this) and (this)? So we started going back and forth and pretty soon we wound up with something that we were both happy with. And we’re both ruthlessly critical.

It’s called “Keeping Busy.”  It’s not out yet.  It’s currently available as a download only when you join my mailing list.  I’ll send you an advanced copy when you sign up below.

When I was a kid I remember staying up past my bedtime to listen to Prince.  I was in bed, technically.  But I had a little radio alarm clock.  It was 1984.  WLOL played the “top 9 at 9” every night, and I knew that Prince was often at number one. That meant that I had to stay up until almost 10 to hear my favorite songs.  “When Doves Cry,” “Let’s Go Crazy,” “Purple Rain.”  I probably didn’t get enough sleep that year, but it was good training for fatherhood.

Now that I’m a dad I look forward to my kids discovering their favorite songs.  I’m proud to say that my 5 year old demands “rock’n’roll” and often requests “Led Zeppelin.”  And he’s been doing that for over a year now.

I hope you enjoy this new tune.  It came to me as a surprise.  It’s a privilege to share my work with you.  I look forward to connecting in real life as soon as possible.  Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube for maximum updates.