There’s a lot of things I love about music.  I like practicing, recording, mixing, arranging, and writing.  I love jamming.  I love playlists.  I love performing as a bandleader, I love playing bass in the back.  I love performing in bars and living rooms and garages and Christmas Tree lots.  I could go on.

blown away

blown away

But of all the things I love about music the one thing I probably do the most often is listen.  I listen to my students and friends, I listen to radio, podcasts, and playlists.  I listen to songs my students and friends hear on radio, podcasts, and playlists.  I don’t really try to listen a lot, I just do.  I like NPR a lot, but it more often takes a more personal connection to a new song/album/artist to inspire my interest.

When I do hear something I like I usually go to Spotify first to listen to the whole album.  If I like the whole album, I save it.  And if I go back to it often enough I’ll buy it on iTunes.  Or if it’s really special, I’ll buy it on vinyl.  But my living room is already pretty full, so it’s gotta be a definite classic.  Check Your Head for example.

I think it’s important to buy the music you like.  Spotify is paying out less than $.01 a play.  It literally takes almost 300,000 plays to make $1000.  Most of the “indie” artists I know spend around $20k making a record.  I’m just afraid we’re going to get to the point where you can’t afford to play unless you sound like Daft Punk or whatever.  Not that I don’t like Daft Punk, just that it’s a pretty limited situation.

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That said… drum roll please… without further ado… here are my own personal music discovery playlists on Spotify.

Discover New Music– an eclectic mix of potential future-classics

Classic Discoveries– an eclectic mix of timeless songs from all genres and moods

2016 Discoveries– my own personal best of 2016, whether the songs were written, recorded, performed, or released in 2016 or not.  See blog post “best music discoveries 2016.”

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