I just entered the Tiny Desk Concert via NPR and All Songs Considered.  “The Revenge of Rock’n’roll” is an acoustic preview of the title track from my forthcoming album. It’ll be out later this year.  Check out the new video below.


I’m not really one for contests, but I love All Songs Considered.  The hosts, Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton, are not music critics.  I love that about them.  They only share music they love.  So many other blogs and podcasts are so negative.  Even when I don’t like the music I hear, I’m glad to hear something new, and I’m glad to Bob and Robin get excited about something.  If you’ve ever checked out my Discover New Music playlist at Spotify, you’ll find their influence there.


Hey mama, wonder bread.  Sexy milquetoast living dead.  Rose bed, thorn in my side.  Make love a billion times.  No lie why comprehend.  It’s so dumb intelligent.  I’m bent on giving up too much can’t get enough love.

Oh no rock’n’roll.  You got bought and sold.  Oh no rock’n’roll uh oh uh oh.

Hey kid, never mind.  Wasting time is so sublime.  You’re high in a lead balloon.  You’re coming down on a cheesy moon too soon too late to wonder why.  Copulating with the sky.  Buy now don’t hesitate.  You change the world when you masturbate.

Oh no rock’n’roll.  You got bought and sold.  Oh no rock’n’roll.  uh oh uh oh.

Hey you, feeling blue.  Yeah you in the fancy shoes.  You loose when you win the game so sing along this is your refrain.  Got blood stains on your necktie.  You hang yourself but you can’t die.  I lie in a shallow grave rolling over and over again.